Montag, 10. Dezember 2012


We started our brain storming with all kinds of cool ideas, we gonna give a short description of  the ideas:

Racing Game

  • Control a racing car with your hands, like you would do in a real car
  • Activate power-ups (e.g. boost or jump) with gestures

Google Maps

  • Navigate in Google Maps in a "Minority Report" fashion (Youtube)
  • Get information about your surroundings (e.g. next places of interest, stores, navigation)
  • Get the information to your phone over Q-R-Codes


  • Play DodgeBall against the computer
  • You have to hit certain areas to gain points
  • You have to evade the enemy balls or you will lose lifes

Fruit Ninja

  • Kinect implementation of the mobile game Fruit Ninja
  • Use the side of you hand as sword or hold an imaginary sword in your hand

Virtual Postcards

  • You are visiting a city but the weather is awful!
  • Take pictures of yourself in front of nearby points of interest