Montag, 10. Dezember 2012


After we collected a bunch of ideas, we had to identify the aspects we want to implement:

Game Idea: Time-O-Waster (Working Title)

We want to give people the possibility to bypass the time they are waiting at train stations, queues at points of interests or simply fight boredom, we created a persona to support our scenario:

Björn goes shopping with his girlfriend. She wants to buy new shoes but does not have a specific pair in mind and searches for the right ones in all the business the Alexa shopping mall has to offer. Björn would rather sit in a pub and watch a soccer game with his friends. He has no interest in any store and went for her to the mall, he is bored to death.

We decided to take the gaming aspect of the Dodge Ball idea, the simple interaction scheme of throwing an virtual ball at targets and the power-ups from the racing game to add some nice visual effects and challenges. The virtual postcard lacks interaction capabilities but it's a nice feature to give the player an achievement for completing the game.

The foundation for our display is an interactive 3D-Break-Out, where you have to hit a number of panels till you uncover a specific picture. After the whole picture is uncovered the user gets a reward.

  • Innovative user attraction
  • Easy to pick up controls, no instructions needed
  • Precise controls for hitting targets
  • Communicate the goal of the game without sound