Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

Think Aloud

The Setup:

We tried to simulate a real setup, we used a beamer to simulate the public display and positioned the kinect under the projection surface. We designated two people of our team to observe the test subject, only those two people were allowed to ask question. The test took place in a meeting room because there we could calibrate the beamer and kinect for our purpose.
The Task:

We developed different stages for the tasks. The goal of the first stage is to start the game, we asked the test subject to stand outside of the view field of the kinect and then enter the "playground". 

The second stage was to win the game, this one was some kind of a trick question because you cannot win the game. You can only earn so much score till you run out of lives. 

We tried to aim for a full circle of the game in about 5 minutes.

Test Subject #1
Sex: Female
Age: 28 
Prior Knowledge: None, never used a kinect or other motion controls

No indication if the user is properly tracked. (3)
Interaction possibilities not clear. (2)
Game rules not clear. (2)

Test Subject #2
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Prior Knowledge: Sparse experience with motion controller but expert in gaming

No indication if the user is properly tracked. (3)


To solve the problem of the uncertain state of tracking we gonna implement a shadow which will follow the horizontal movements of the user, which should indicate the tracking.

The game needs some kind of interactive tutorial to introduce the game rules and interaction spectrum, a scripted start in which the different game elements and their effects are described, with such a tutorial the interaction possibilities are easy to learn.