Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

New Game

We collected feedback from different people and tried to act on it, which had a complete change of our current game as consequence. We will describe our new idea and give a overview of the features and how the game is played.
Our new game idea is inspired by games like Tetris, Bejeweled and Fruit Ninja. We want to create an enviroment for the player in which he has fun but at the same time some tension in regards to his personnel best.

Player sees a wall, on which different elements descend in three columns. His goal is it to collect gems to score points and prevent bombs to reach the floor. If a bomb reaches the floor the player loses one of his initial three lives. The player can increase the number of lives he has through collecting stars, which also descending on the wall. To collect and destroy objects the players has to throw balls at the wall. He has to throw the ball at the right height to hit a target, in addition his position in front of the wall determines at which column the ball is aimed.

A short list of possible game machanics (subject to change):

  •  Different ball sizes to in/decrease the chance to hit a target
  • Different ball speeds determine the height at which the ball has to be fired
  • Fire multiple balls at mulitple columns at once
  • Increasing speed of the items over time to increase the difficulty
  • Gems which will fall apart into smaller gems, the player needs to hit them multiple times to collect the points
Information which should be visible to the player (subject to change):
  • Number of current lives
  • Current score
  • Current active game effects
  • List of the different tiers of gems