Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

A lot of Design Modification


We will do without a profit/win in the end. It did not seem to be important as a motivation for playing the game.


The multiplayer mode is not an optional feature anymore, it's the must-have feature! We are focusing on cooperative mode, as people wan't to play with there friends and don't want to play alone.

Adjust the complexity of the game to the average waiting time

If the waiting time is very short, the game must be very easy and fast to achive a goal. To achive that we would need to replace the textures with colors, so the game would be easyer. Also the number of qubes needs to be reduced if the waiting time is short. If we have a long waiting time (e.g. hospital) the game could be more complex and could last longer.


The operation of the game must be very easy to pick up, especially if the waiting time is very short. We need to rethink the operation of the rotation.

Place and Szenarios

If children are playing the place must be very save.
We definately need to agree on one szenario. As to many differnt szenarios really can change the requirements.

We need decisions!

  • Are we talking about children or parents?
  • What's the average waiting time?
  • What waiting place we are focusing on?