Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Our first paper prototype

We started with the extraction of the UI-elements:

  • The cubes
  • The Marker, which indicates the current selected cube. 
  • The selection buttons for switching the rotation direction.

Then we decided how we want to create a those things as a paper prototype. The first idea to visualize the cube was to use Post-It's on a flip chart with different colors and change the the Post-It whenever the cube would rotate during game. In our game idea, the user selects the current cube through holding the left hand in the direction of the cube. We decided to simulate the selection with a laserpointer. The buttons are simple piece of paper and an arrow for indicating the current selected mode.
We build the necessary elements and put them all in place, and there we discovered that the post-it's do not give a required visual feedback and do not represent the cubes well.
So we started to build real cubes with colored sides and succeeded greatly.
Here are some pictures of our prototype:

In the center you can see the the cubes, the have all the same color combination. At the start of the game the shown color combination is randomly determanted.

An Overview of the prototype

The two buttons for changing the rotation mode

A close up of the cubes to see some of the other sides