Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

Heuristic Evaluation

We are going to discuss our game in the context of heuristic evaluations and we will derive necessary changes to our ptototype:

We developed two heuristics of our own for the game:

Average Speed to complete a action

The duration of the execution of an action is very important for the feeling of a game. It can make the difference between an action-packed game and a very boring expierence. Our goal should be to make action feel very fast and impactful.

For the average time for a move we can increase/decrease the roation speed of the cubes, those rotations are the only visual impact of the actions at the moment.

How clear is the goal of the game at every point in the game. The player should always be aware or it should be seeable what the goals is.

We show a pattern which visualizes how the cubes should look at the end of the game.

Standard heuristics

We need better feedback of the state of the game. To realise this we have to implement some kind of scroring, we decided to show the player a clock which counts the time the player has needed to complete the pattern.

To improve the error correction we will implement the ability to reverse a rotation action which is currently active. For this the user has to do the reverse swipe action, if he wants to abort a left rotation he has to do a right swipe.

A additional aspect of  error correction is the alert when the player is getting lost and the kinect can track him anymore, then the game should display a message.