Dienstag, 8. Januar 2013

Interview findings (summary)

In total we intervied 6 people.


We found out that the interaction part of the game was not very clear to the users (P2, P3, P6), some had problems understanding the whole concept. To P1 it was not clear how to actually select the specific rotation. It was also said that the rotation will be tiring. Game instructions need to be really simple and easy to pick up.

Multiplayer Mode

We found out that a multiplayer mode is very essential. Nobody want's to play alone, because "man will sich nicht alleine zum Affen machen". It seems that people are a little bit afraid of playing/acting in public.

Winning something

Getting a prize in the end is not important for P1, P3. The others didn't say something about it.

Time and Place

The time, which is available for playing is very important. It needs to be around 5 minutes. Also one person said (P2) that while waiting for public transport he can not focused on the game. If children are playing it needs to be a save place. Also people need time to play (e.g. waiting in the hospital). The time and place aspect is very important! Maybe we have to rethink our scenarios.