Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

Change is imminent

We got great feedback from our testers, we will summarize the important points and derive changes to the prototype:

  • User want to what is on the other sides of the cubes, to make better decisions for their turn.
  • Buttons for changing the rotation mode are not optimal, the users want to use natural gestures like swipe or rotation of their wrist as command to chnage the cube.
  • Selection with the left hand are not optimal: When the user is moving the selection changes, they want to make a selection with a command and disable the selection with a other command.
  • The initial goal is not clear to the user, when he sees only the cubes.

What we decided to change for future prototypes:

  • Implement some kind of goal, which implicit communicates the kind of interaction. This will make the interaction more intuitive and removes the buttons from the UI.
  • Find a way to make the overall goal clear for the user (Interactive Tutorial, Scorecounter etc.)
  • Implement swype gestures for rotating the cube.
  • Implement a command chain for selecting and deselecting a cube.

The changes for the paper prototype are minimal but significant in their impact, we removed the two buttons from the UI and changed the laser pointer selection to a gesture selection. When the user is pointing on a cube the cube is selected. Now the can use swype gestures to rotate the cubes. When the rotation is complete the user can make another gesture (undefined at this moment) and return to the selection mode.

The selection indicator

The indicator should be aware what are the other sides of the cube and visualize them to support the next decision of the user.